• Stijlvol Wonen Pure Maison

    The strongest growing lifestyle magazine in Belgium and the Netherlands

This lifestyle magazine fully focuses on readers’ love of purity, warmth, and a personalised interior, averse to all the trends. It is the only magazine that focuses on the most popular lifestyles in Belgium and the Netherlands and has created a loyal readership in the past decade. The eight issues published annual reach no less than 168,400 readers.

Stijlvol Wonen/Pure Maison magazine

Stijlvol Wonen/Pure Maison is the fastest growing lifestyle magazine in Belgium and the Netherlands. It fully focuses on the demand for interiors that include warm materials in a contemporary setting. Every issue has a different theme and offers lots of interior design articles and innovations. Advertising works because over 80% of satisfied readers come back to us.

stijlvol-wonen.be / pure-maison.be

The Stijlvol Wonen/Pure Maison website fully focuses on the most popular living trend in Belgium and the Netherlands: warm, pure, and personal. You can give your interior a chic boost with our styling tips, mood boards, and shopping suggestions.

Stijlvol Wonen/Pure Maison newsletter

The Stijlvol Wonen/Pure Maison newsletter includes inspirational interior ideas, innovations, addresses for your styling needs, etc. You can reach this expansive list of addresses through a dedicated mailing to the entire list or to a selection from the list based on sociodemographic info.

Stijlvol Wonen/Pure Maison on social media

Stijlvol Wonen and Pure Maison have a loyal and ever-increasing fan base on social media: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Our beautiful photographs and mood boards are shared regularly. The direct interaction between our followers also creates additional promotional opportunities.

Stijlvol Wonen/Pure Maison Online video

You can see the power of your brand boosted even more in the video, for example, by showing a customer’s home or a DIY video. Work with the editorial team to create a high-quality online video and generate even more attention for your brand or products.

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