Sanoma Media and cookies

When surfing the internet, your preferences are remembered by means of cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that remember your internet preferences and store them on your own computer.

What do cookies do?

Cookies have various functions. In the first place, they help you when surfing by remembering log-in names, passwords, the content of your shopping cart and preferences – such as language setting. Websites also use cookies to record how many visitors arrive at a site or to see what parts of the site are popular. There are furthermore cookies that register the websites you visit and thus make an estimate of your interests. With this information, advertisers and website managers can place advertising on a website that interests you. Moreover, cookies can prevent you always seeing the same advertising.

Sanoma and cookies

You will find a summary of the cookies Sanoma Media uses below.

Essential and functional cookies
Essential cookies are essential for performing communication and are only used for that purpose. Consider the detection of the loss of data. The aim of functional cookies is to deliver a service you request as a user – insofar as using cookies is essential for this. Consider statistics and remembering your language preference.

Performance cookies
For benefit of its websites, Sanoma exchanges information with your computer for internal use with the aim of guaranteeing the website’s ease of use. We use so-called performance cookies for this purpose. The information gathered based on these provides us the opportunity to improve the site, and to optimise the user experience. Based on the information collected using cookies, we are able to better understand the website usage and the users’ wishes, and to tie our services in with these. This furthermore offers us the opportunity to test the website’s new functionalities among groups of users.

Advertising performance cookies
Advertising performance cookies give the website owner, advertiser and the media agency the opportunity to measure the result of a certain advertisement/campaign. These cookies are furthermore used to prevent a user seeing certain advertisements several times in a single day.

Profiling cookies
The aim of profiling cookies is to record surfing behaviour (concerning the websites the profiling cookie originates from). These cookies are used by website owners, advertising networks, media agencies and advertisers. Assumptions – general or otherwise – are made based on this surfing behaviour (e.g. male/female, age) and the content or advertisements – or part of it – are coordinated with this.

What happens if I deactivate the cookies?

Thanks to advertising, you can visit the majority of websites for free. And thanks to your cookies, advertisements are better tuned into your interests. You will still receive advertising if you turn the cookies off, just that this will no longer be coordinated with your surfing behaviour. If you deactivate the cookies remembering your preference, you will keep having to retype your settings such as your passwords and log-in name.

You can unregister

You can activate and deactivate the cookies providing advertisers and website owners insight into your interests at There you can also state which companies may and may not ascertain your surfing behaviour. You can activate or deactivate the cookies recording your password, log-in names and other preferences through your browser settings.

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Privacy Policy

You will find more information on the Sanoma Media Belgium privacy policy here.